Using separate Alt Text and Descriptions will optimize your images for Pinterest and keep Google happy too.

As Pinners, we have learned that Pinterest pulls the Alt Text for your default Pin Descriptions. You would think it makes sense to put your description there, but that is not what alt text is supposed to be used for.


The Alt Text is what appears in place of an image when it cannot be seen. So, when someone that is visually impaired visits your website, they can still experience it without seeing the images. What this boils down to is the alt text should describe what the image is.

This is not the place to keyword stuff, Google can consider this spam and your images will not present in a search. You want to describe the image in a short sentence. You can make it keyword friendly at the end and do not use hashtags. Again, spammy.

Bare feet next to warm fuzzy slippers with text overlay - How to Optimize Your Images for Pinterest

Notice the Alt text describes the image with the text at the end. This is optimal for search. This makes Google happy.

This is what the code looks like:

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-704 size-full” src=”” alt=”Bare feet next to warm fuzzy slippers with text overlay – How to Optimize Your Images for Pinterest” width=”989″ height=”517″ />



The description is what appears when someone pins that image from your site. A good description will tell Pinterest which search results and feeds to show the Pin in, and gives the pinner info about the pin and encourages them to save and click.

Your are probably thinking, where do I write this? Well, there are a couple ways you can place the description on your post. First is a code version. You will have to switch from “Visual” to “Text”. I use WordPress so this is how I would do it. Hang in there, I will give you some images to explain. I am not a code person either, I just married the IT guy.

You want to place this piece of code into your image code:

data-pin-description=”Your Pinterest description here”

On WordPress, switch from Visual to Text Tab on the upper right hand corner of your post. Visual to Text Tab on WordPress


Then add the code, write your description using keywords and you can add hashtags too! This is what your image code will look like in text view.

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-703 size-large” src=”×1024.png” alt=”Bare feet next to warm fuzzy slippers with text overlay – How to Optimize Your Images for Pinterest” width=”600″ height=”900″ data-pin-description=””Alt text and Descriptions and how to use them to optimize your images for Pinterest. Free Checklist download. #pinterestimages #pindescriptions #pinterestvirtualassistant #pinterestmanager” />

Then when I go to Pin my blog post the description will show in my Pin.

Bare feet next to warm fuzzy slippers with text overlay - How to Optimize Your Images for Pinterest

Screenshot of upload Pin with description and hashtags.

USING A PLUGIN (My Preferred Method)

To save the hassle of inserting code, there is a great plug-in that will take of this and make it super simple. Tasty Pins has a plug-in for WordPress and it gives you a box to fill in under your Image Details box in the edit screen for media. This right here is the bee’s knees, I really struggle with html and getting it to work right for me and can be super frustrating.


Tasty Pins example. Easy peasy, Lemon squeasy!!

I am not an affliate of Tasty Pins, I just think this is AWESOME!!! You can add your descriptions, keywords, hashtags and you are ready to go. NO CODING NEEDED, my cup of tea!!



Alt Text is to be used for what the image actually is. Pin Descriptions will show when you Pin an optimized image to Pinterest. You can add descriptions by code or use Tasty Pins plugin to save yourself some time.

You are now equiped to make Google and Pinterest happy with your images! Happy Pinning!



So, are you ready to start pinning for Pinterest and Google optimization. To help you out I am giving my readers a checklist to use of the steps described here!!

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