• Do you spend all your time posting on Social Media, without gaining results?

  • Do you need more eyes on your blog, website, or shop?

  • Do you wnat a long game marketing plan, that will bring in client, sales, and leads?

If you answered yes to any of these…this post is for you!!

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Pinterest for Business

You know Pinterest is great for searching for that perfect recipie, home decor, or latest craft idea for the kiddos. If you have been using Pinterest for your personal use and own a business, are a blogger, online entrepreneur, or brand, you need to harness the power of Pinterest for your business by converting or creating a Business Account. Pinterest has become more of a place to create shopping lists, and less and less of the mood board platform it used to be.

Pinterest is a long game marketing platform and it does take time for your pins to gain some tracktion. It is unlike IG, FB, or Twitter that your post is seen quickly and you are just shooting darts at the wall hoping your audience will see your content!! Long game…what is that? It means that your content can be seen for weeks or months after the initial pin. So, basically your Pins continue their life span long after any other social media platform.

Having a business account means you have access to analytics (stats) to see how your account, pins, and clicks are progressing. You can see the overview of the Analytics for Pinterest, in the last few months they are changed their format and it now is super detailed and chuck full of great statistical content (I am a total #’s geek over here in my happy place!)


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pink image with computer and flowers with text overlay how to set up your business on pinterest.

Start with a Strong Foundation

When setting up your new business account your want your profile to serve a purpose. I want to attract your ideal clients and bring in an audience that will be eager to read, pin, share, and purchase your content.

Use a branded image, whether it be a beautiful headshot of you that represents your brand, or a Logo that is recognizable as your business, your audience wants to see it! Pinterest eventhough is not really a social platform, your audience will relate to a face over a logo. Unless..(there is always an exception) you are a brand that is recognizable by the logo, i.e.-Gap, Loft, HGTV, Food Network, you get where I am going. I suggest continuity, If you use one image on IG and FB, use it on Pinterest.

The about you section needs to be keyworded and state who you serve and what you do. To find niched keywords, enter your business type in the pinterest search bar and it will populate keywords so you can be found in search. Pinterest keywording is so important in your profile, boards, and pin descriptions because…it’s a search engine!! You can search People, Boards, Products, and Videos…all on Pinterest.

If I search for stationery, for example, I can choose the field from the drop down menu.

So, if I am looking for someone to make some custom stationery, I can go to the People section and those that have that keyword in their Display Name or in their about section will populate on the screen.



Next: Claim Your Website

You can claim your website in settings. It sounds complicated, but really it is super easy.Tailwind has a step-by-step tutorial that is wonderful. By doing so you have all the benefits of a Business Account:

  • Analytics
  • Your profile pic will show on all your pins
  • A globe icon on your profile next to your URL, to show authenticity.

** What is Tailwind- the only scheduling tool I use with my clients and my own account. Just a few hours a month I can schedule content to Pinterest and all those Pins are seen as Fresh Pins (which is Best Practices for Pinterst) Keep it Fresh and Pinterest will love you!! They are API approved for Pinterest and very user friendly. If looking to automate your Pinning, Get a Free Month of Tailwind on Me!!

You can also claim your Instagram, Etsy Shop, and You Tube for even more statistics!!

Other Profile Settings

You can also set your notifications, privacy, and connected apps as well. But Hey let’s go back to your Profile again…

Scroll down to where it says Featured Boards…if you are new, you will have to wait until you create your boards and then choose the ones you want to highlight!!

Set Up Your Boards

Create a 1-2 sentence board description for each board that makes sense with the keywords you’ve researched.

Find related pins to pin to these boards. If starting new fill with about 15 pins each.

Absolutely add your Pins as well!!

I will go into more detail about boards on my next blog post….so stay tuned for that one.

This will give you a great start to using Pinterest for Marketing your business. So, stop spending so much time on Social Media and let Pinterest start driving the traffic and sales you are looking for. Just remember 3 easy tips –

  • Pin consistently – even if it’s just 5 pins a day Using Tailiwind helps save time!
  • Use good keywords – use the search bar on Pinterest
  • Create click worthy pin images with text overlay – See – How to Create Amazing Pins in Canva


In the Meantime – You can Grab my Get Started on Pinterest Checklist!

In exchage for your email…I will send over the checklist to have you up and running on Pinterest in just 30 minutes.

When you recieve my emails, it will walk you thru the next steps to create your boards, how to keyword, how to create images, and so much more!!

If you have questions about Pinterest, or need a second set of eyes on your account? Let’s hop on a Complimentary Call and see how I can help in your Pinterest Marketing with Bloom’s Pinterest Services, or Pinterest Audit and Strategy Sessions.