How to Make Pinterest work for Your Business

How to Make Pinterest work for Your Business

how to make pinterest work for your business text overlay on image of desktop


The biggest question I get is how can I make Pinterest work for my business? It is usually from those using Pinterest for saving ideas, recipes, and maybe planning an event. These are all great things to use Pinterest for in your everyday life. BUT, to make Pinterest work for your business you need to focus on your ideal client and make your Pinterest account for THEM.

Welcome to 2020, and Pinterest has changed the game a bit for those using Pinterest as a marketing tool. New information can be overwhelming at first, but if you have been following their best practices up until now, there really is just a slight shift in strategy.

So, let’s break it all down into bite-sized pieces. Using these new best practices helps Pinterest leverage your content and get it out to the right audience, and potential clients and customers.


This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.



First and foremost – Pinterest is a visual search engine!! The platform prefers new images or video that has never been seen on Pinterest before. Beautiful images that match your titles and descriptions with a call to action on them, that draw in your audience and want them to read more, learn more, save it for later, or BUY NOW!

Pinterest has been saying for a while they preference Fresh content (a new image with a new URL is preferred) But, you can strategize duplicate pinning to benefit your account. A duplicate pin is the exact same image and URL combo. You just want to be smart about it.

We all have our best pins that do well over time. If it is a pin that is of value to your audience, reshare it. Just do it in moderation. Give it a couple of months before your reshare that exact image/URL again.


Using Tailwind can help with sharing duplicate content. All pins scheduled through Tailwind are considered fresh pins.



If you create products and only create them once or twice a month, then I would take multiple images of different angles to use over time. Lifestyle images of your products in action do very well on Pinterest, so take plenty of those. Create multi-image pins, and swap out different snapshots of your products. For Example:


1. Multi-image, 2. Single Product with Text overlay, 3. Double products – courtesy of   


If you are a blogger or service provider with a blog and only are blogging once a week, then create about 4-5 Pinnable images. Use different styles, text, colors. When using multiple images, it creates more “fresh images” to share to Pinterest. Also, it is a great way to see what type of image style gets more clicks. Examples:


Different Pins same blog post, staying on brand. With a change in color on one. Test yours out and see which do best.



So one of the questions that came up when Pinterest announced the algorithm change: can I pin my image/pin to more than one board…YES!!!

You want to save your pin to the most relevant board FIRST! This way Pinterest knows what your pin is about and who needs to see it if they search for that topic. So it is IMPORTANT to have Your Pin TItle Match the Image, and text that tells what the Pin is about. For example, you wouldn’t put an image of a dog on a Pin that is about a Tropical Vacation…you get what I’m saying.

As this blog post is about Pinterest for Business, I am using desktop images of things I use for pinning to Pinterest, pencils, iPad, desktop, iPhone. I could even use an image of someone on a laptop sitting on a couch. Then my keywords “Pinterest for business” is on the image, in my Title, and in my description…TRIFECTA!!


But here’s the kicker…You can pin to more than one board, make sure they are relevant to that topic, just not more than 10 boards. Over time I feel that as marketers on Pinterest we have bombarded some group boards with pins, that may or may not be helping us in the long run. We are sharing as we should, but if you are in 15 group boards about “Social Media” you are not in best practice if you schedule those to all those boards.

Here is my suggestion: Choose the best 10 boards, if those include group boards, GREAT, but you need to make sure that group board is performing well for you. So choose wisely.

You can tell how a group board is repinning for you if you use Tailwind and go to Board Inspector, and choose “from my website”



Pinterest wants the platform to help businesses grow and wants the user (the pinner-your audience) to have a pleasant experience. If you have been pinning 50 pins a day, it is filling the Smart feed with content that may not be of the highest value to your audience. NOW if you have 50 pins of your own content that is fresh…KUDOS to you, that’s amazing! But it is time to cut back and think about quality over quantity.

15- 25 pins per day is more than enough. Anything more than that may get you marked as spam. Quality content is better than non-relevant content.

You want your best content to be seen, so reducing your schedule to fewer pins w/ high-value relevant content is going to help you over time on Pinterest. It is better to pin 5 AWESOME Pins a day then having 20 pins of just o.k. content that won’t help your numbers.



By using Tailwind, they will help you know if you are staying within best Practices. They have their new feature – Smart Guide, that helps Pinners stay in the lines of what Pinterest recommends. They want the best for you and to make Pinterest work for your business and using these guidelines will help create engagement of your Pins and grow your account.

Tailwind has also changed the interval of pins if you are pinning to multiple boards. It used to be every 1 day, now there is a 2-day minimum and it will also alert you if you have more than 10 boards.


desktop image of iPad with text overlay Pinterest for BusinessyRECAP

  • Use Fresh Images
  • 4-5 Images per piece of Content
  • Duplicate content is ok in moderation(spread out every couple months or seasonally)
  • Share to more than 1 board – 10 boards max at a time
  • 15 – 25 pins per day – Schedule using Tailwind
  • Tailwind’s new Smart Guide for a successful strategy
  • 2-day interval minimum
  • Using these guidelines you can make Pinterest work for your Business



This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.


Hashtags on Pinterest, do we still need to utilize them?

Hashtags on Pinterest, do we still need to utilize them?

Hashtags have been a part of Pinterest descriptions since 2017. It is now 2020 and as we know, Pinterest is constantly changing, things come and go…remember the First Five!!…so let’s dive into Hashtags on Pinterest, and do we still need to utilize them?


desktop flaylay of notebook with text overlat hashtags on pinterest

Hashtag Facts

They are searchable and clickable. If you go to a Pin you like and scroll to the description, they will show up as blue text and you can click and it will populate pins in the feed that have that hashtag.


They are not like Instagram hashtags that can be like, #notmybestlook, or #seriously. No, hashtags are another way to utilize keywords for your pins to be searchable and reach your ideal audience. Pinterest is a search engine and keywords are KING to finding content and reaching your audience.


Pinterest says we can use up to 20, but recently with spam prevention practices coming into play, I suggest only use 2-4. Make them relevant to what your blog post or product is about and make sure it is a niched down keyword so it is more likely to be shown to the best audience…your ideal clients.





If you are looking to learn all about KEYWORDS, check out my Pinterest Workbook for Keywording, here!!



Where to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are to only be used in your Pin descriptions. They are a keyword tool that Pinterest uses to determine what your Pin is about, and can be disbursed to those searching those terms. Make sure your pin description is related to your image and your title. Make it a conversational 1- 2 sentence description with your best keywords at the beginning. Only the first 50 characters will be seen in the feed (and sometimes not, depending on if Pinterest is showing descriptions) but rest assured your description is in there and doing its job for SEO, search optimization.

After the description, use your branded hashtag. EX: #BloomVirtualSolutions. Then your best keywords for the post, EX: #pinteresthashtagtips #pinterestseo #pinteresttips

We use the branded tag first because if a pinner was to click, they are more likely to click the first one, and then that will lead them to all your other content…more views, saves and clicks are possible when your pins show up in the hashtag feed.

Another reason and I have had to use it recently, is to find your pins to check on them because they can be stolen and leading to a spam site that is not your own.

In this online world, it happens, and we could totally go down that rabbit hole, but Pinterest is aware and they do their best to take care of it. If you want some tips on how to report a Stolen Pin, check out this post HERE

Hashtags do not need to be in Titles, Board Titles, Board descriptions, or your Profile. These are not clickable and searchable and have no benefit to Pinterest SEO.


When should you use Hashtags

Hashtags can be placed when creating a fresh pin, and new description. It really is not going to do you any good to go back and add hashtags to previous posts. Since Pinterest is prioritizing Fresh content, new images, new URLs, that is the time to place those hashtags in the description.

But, are they still considered best practice and align with Pinterest’s new changes. YES, I have seen where they may not be relevant anymore, but if you check out Pinterest best practices page. they still recommend adding in a couple of hashtags at the end of your descriptions. Their new Best Practices is page is beautiful, simple to understand, and pretty…check that one out.



  • Hashtags are still best practice
  • Use 2-4 hashtags per pin
  • The first hashtag, your brand #BloomVirtualSolutions
  • Put them at the end of your pin description…ONLY
  • Just for fresh content, no need to go back and add them to old pins


There you go, simple and breezy, easy peasy!! If you have any questions about Pinterest, leave them in the comments below.


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5 quick tips for Tailwind Tribes

5 Quick Tips for Tailwind Tribes 5 quick tips for tailwind tribes bloom virtual solutions

You have written the best blog post ever, created the perfect Pin image and have shared it with all the socials. So, what else can you do to get your content seen? I am gonna give you 5 Quick tips for Tailwind Tribes to boost your Pinterest marketing for free!

Tailwind! As you may or may not know, Tailwind is a great way to save time when using Pinterest for marketing your business. You can schedule multiple pins per day to go to multiple boards and increase your reach that each pin will get. It also is a great time saver from having to pin manually, and Tailwind also knows the best times to pin so your audience will see it.

But, there may be an aspect of Tailwind you may not be using. Tailwind has a section called Tribes, which are like what Group Boards are on Pinterest, but they are so much more powerful if you use them regularly. They are free to use, and anyone can pin to them. They are a great booster to your current marketing plan. Here are my 5 Quick Tips for using Tailwind Tribes.

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

Tip #1 – Use all 5 Tribes available to you

When you sign up for Tailwind, you are given a free trial to use for your first 100 pins, but you HAVE access to the Tribe feature immediately. After your free trial, Tribes are still free for 5 tribes. You can Power up with more, but if you’re just starting out, 5 will be sufficient.

You want to find tribes that are in your niche. Find 5 keywords of topics you write about, or you can pick 2 or 3 topics and choose more than one tribe in that category

tailwind tribes search screen

Tailwind will give some suggested categories and you can choose from those or type in your own. A list will populate with several tribes you may be interested in, but how do you choose a good one?


Tip #2: Choose a Tribe that you can benefit from

A list will populate with tribes available to join. Some you can join immediately and some you have to request. You want to look at a few things when choosing a tribe.

tailwind tribes search results

You want to look at how many members, and the activity. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers has over 1,000 members, but the activity is about mid-range. BossLady Experts has fewer members, but high activity – which means those members are busy sharing pins from this tribe.

I would suggest Previewing the tribe, and it will show you the last 10 pins, but you can see the pin/share/repin ratios in the preview which will help determine if this is a good tribe to join.

What is the difference in Joining Now tribes vs. Request to join? In my opinion, some of the tribes that you need to request may have better ratios than those that are immediately available. Then again I am in “Join Now” Tribes and they are great about sharing. I guess it’s really 50/50, you will have to monitor your stats to see how they do, but that is tip #5…so keep reading!

Tip #3: Follow the Reshare Rules and Reshare Quality Pins

Each tribe will have rules they want you to follow. For every pin you add to a tribe you need to reshare, some are 1:1, some can be 1:2. Just check the rules and make sure to follow ( I love my rule followers). You can keep track of how many you add vs. how many you have shared by looking at the left column in the tribe.

tailwind tribe share counts

The gray number is the amount you have added and the green number is for how many you have shared.

That Red number to the left is how many of your pins were shared by your Tribemates.

If someone shares your pin, thank them. You can send messages in the tribes when you look at your pins in the tribe. It will show which members shared your pin when you hover over the number.


You want to reshare quality pins from the tribes. Those pins will have a title, a good description, and a quality pin image. You can click through to make sure the pin leads to what the images says it is, and not spam or a stolen pin.

** Yes stolen pins are a thing and you can read more about them in this post – Who stole my Pin? 

There are also these little blue flames in the corner of Pins and they represent how many times that URL has been shared on Pinterest. I usually choose a pin that has a higher blue flame number, BUT there are also great pins to share that may be awesome new content that your audience needs to see.

images of pins in tailwind tribes


Tip #4: Say Thank you to those who share

I love seeing that little red number go higher and higher. Sharing is caring, people, and we need to use our manners and say “THANKS”. Hop into the “your pins” tab once a week/month and find out who is sharing your content and just say thank you. This can get time consuming and I really don’t expect everyone to say thanks when I share their pin, but it’s nice to see every once in a while. Community over competition, it is called a Tribe for a reason.

You can also see who is sharing your pins in the Insights section of the Tribes tab as well. Tribe highlights will show you your stats over the last 7 days but Tribes Activity will let you know how these tribes are working for you over time. Which leads us to our last quick tip…


Tip #5: Monitor your Tribe stats

tailwind tribes statistics

Every 3 months or so, depending on how often you add pins to tribes, Check on your stats. Are there reshares happening, is the reach acceptable to you? Compare how many pins you have shared to a tribe vs. the reshares. This is going to tell you if that tribe is benefitting your marketing efforts.

That little blue box up there says it all, Small tribes can mean highly-engaged Tribemates, so if the bigger Tribes are not working, it’s OK to leave and search for a new tribe.

You can also create your own tribe. You have awesome content to share and there is no limit on how many tribes of your own you can create. Set some rules, invite others in, and get collaborating!!


I hope these 5 quick tips for Tailwind tribes have been helpful. If you have been hearing about them but aren’t using them, give them a try. Share your new and best content, reshare others, say thanks, monitor for success and create a tribe of your own!

I think you will see that Tailwind Tribes will boost your Pinterest efforts for free, even if you have a small following!!

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What is the Pinterest Trends Tool

What is the Pinterest Trends Tool

New Pinterest Trends Toolwhat is the pinterest trends tool

Hey Pinners, out this week is the new Pinterest Trends tool. I want to show you how to find it, how it works, and what you could use it for.

This new tool is still in beta and is only available to certain areas for the time. You can go to to check it out!


This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.


If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a keywords geek when it comes to Pinterest. I am one that truly believes you have to do your keyword research before creating any content for Pinterest if you want your posts to be seen. Pinterest is a search engine, like Google, and just like Google likes SEO to find your blog content, Pinterest has its own SEO to get your content to the right audience.


If you want to learn more about Keywords for Pinterest, check out my Keywording Workbook. It makes SEO fun and easy to use for your Pinterest Marketing.



It is pretty simple when you get to the main page a search bar and some graphics will populate. Enter a keyword or keyword phrase that you use in your business, blog, or shop frequently.  pinterest trends tool


I entered the search query with Save the Date, a drop-down menu with appear with some line graphs to the left, I choose “Save the Date ideas”. I work with creative businesses, so it is hot into engagement season right now.

The results are indexed 0-100 relative to the search volume for each term compared to all other searches of that week. These are showing last year’s stats. This is going to be a comparison tool. Below the graph, it gives other terms you can add to compare the volume relative to search. You can add up to 4 terms to compare.

pinterest trends tool comparison

As you can see starting at around Dec 25th-to about the end of January there is a spike in search for these terms. I added in Bridal Shower ideas, so if you create content that uses that keyword, Dec 25th- Jan 30th is a popular time for your content. It does stay up till about July, then tapers off again to Dec.



I really think this would be helpful for when you are creating and planning your content. You want to be the related content at the time it starts to spike and keep it going until those searches start to decrease according to the graph.

As you can see the “Save the Date ideas” looks like it is pretty consistent as evergreen content (year-long content), and hits a spike at Christmas (Engagement season coming in HOT!)

If you are using Tailwind as your Pinterest Scheduler, create evergreen loops for Save the Dates, but if you have bridal shower ideas, then maybe a Seasonal Loop of your best pins during those peak times would be a fantastic idea!!

Below the graph will show popular pins, this then, in my opinion, can give you pin image ideas that Pinners are clicking on. Inspiration for your next amazing pin (no copying…no, no!)



Then new Pinterest Trends tool is up and running. It is in beta so not all have early access to it.

The interface is easy to use. The stats are from the previous year and each data point compares the search volume of a term to all other searches during that week. The results are then indexed from 0 to 100 to compare the relative volume of each term. These are RELATIVE, not exact, but gives us a good comparison to plan and schedule our content.

My best suggestion for this tool is to use it for content creation and at what time of the year certain topics, trends, and keywords are more popular. This is also a way to see if your content is consistent year-round in search or has spikes up or down to adjust your strategy.

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What numbers are important in Pinterest Analytics?

What numbers are important in Pinterest Analytics?

Let’s Talk Pinterest Analytics

what numbers are important on pinterest

There has been a lot of chatter in the Pinterest realm lately about “My numbers are dropping!! Help!!” I want to help you understand your numbers in Pinterest Analytics and which ones you really need to focus on, what they represent and guide you to create a strategy that works for your business.

First and foremost…I will say that not all businesses work the same on Pinterest. Some bloggers and creators have seasonal content and do better some months than others. Even evergreen content (ha, I didn’t even know that is what “anytime” content meant until I began my Pinterest Marketing business) can fluctuate depending on the time of year!

Usually, best practice for pinning content is to start pinning about 45 days before the season/event. But as of recently, it seems it gets earlier and earlier for those seasons.

You know what I mean, Christmas pins were starting in Sept!! We hadn’t even begun planning our Halloween costumes and here come the Holiday/Christmas/Black Friday pins.

I want to break this down for Seasonal and Evergreen content first, then we can dive into what the numbers mean.




This is the content that can be pinned all year round. Say you are a business or marketing coach…you don’t have a season, per se. You may get a bit of a spike in the new year, due to resolutions but overall these are topics that drive traffic most of the year.

You want to always be creating fresh content for Pinterest. Are you blogging consistently? If you are blogging once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month you CAN stay consistent in your pinning. Create multiple images to pin and spread those until your next product or post is ready to publish.

Pinterest does say that summer can be slower traffic times, due to vacations or just not being on their phones all the time.

Did you know that 90% of pinners use mobile to search for ideas? So create pins that can be seen on mobile clearly!

A great way to place your best evergreen content consistently is using the SmartLoop feature in Tailwind. This can help recirculate your best pins to several boards, group boards, and space them out so as not to be spammy. You can learn more about Tailwind (the only approved Pinterest scheduler I use and require for my clients) here and here.


Here is where as a creative business owner your numbers can go up and down drastically. There is the holiday season…Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, and all those special holidays at the end of the year. If you create Holiday content you want to start pinning in October. Same goes with wedding niche businesses, engagement season is about the same time. New Years’, Valentine’s day, and can be all year round as well.

If you write about DIY crafting for kids, summer may be a seasonal time for you. Start pinning those in April. Maybe back to school, spring crafts, winter crafts, start pinning 60 days before the event.

Travel has seasons as well. Pinners can start to plan vacations for summer or holiday travel up to 6 months in advance. They plan,

save pins, and may go back to them later. So in the off travel times of the year, your numbers are going to fluctuate.

Again this is a great way to use SmartLoop in Tailwind. You can set the dates when you want a Seasonal Loop to start and end.  I suggest reviewing those Pins in the loops and edit descriptions and hashtags to keep them fresh every year.



Recently numbers have changed on Pinterest, it is an ever-evolving platform and that “monthly viewers” number that I KNOW you are looking at has changed over the last year. So, why is it dropping…that particular number fluctuates daily. THIS IS A Vanity number..this goes up and down all the time. If you have a pin that is doing well it will increase. If someone repinned your pin and that one takes off your numbers go up. The second it stops…that number comes back down.

Please, please, please, stop worrying and stressing about this viewer number. Honestly, it’s similar to likes on IG, it can be a comparison number and really mess with your focus…I wish this number would go away. It would save you all some stress…am I right?!


One number I do look at for my clients in Pinterest Analytics are Impressions, which means that their pins are actually getting eyes on the Pin in the feed. If your pins are in a feed and someone scrolls past it counts as an impression and all those eyeballs on all your pins totals this number monthly. This also goes up and down. But If you are getting more impressions than clicks/saves we need to look at your images.

Are they attracting your ideal client? Do they give too much info away, so the viewer doesn’t even need to click thru to discover the content? What is that saying…don’t give the milk for free. Make them want to read more, draw them in.

Check out these posts for tips on images, Canva, and Image SEO.


IMPORTANT NUMBER!! This means a pinner saved your pin to one of their boards or group boards. This is when this can take off. In analytics, there is an option to filter to Your pins or Others Pins.

Your pins are the ones you pin to your boards. Other pins are those that have been

pinned to a board by someone else. Then this opens up this pin to be viewed in their feed and by their followers, and here’s hoping more repins and more impressions, views, and clicks.

Saves means your audience likes the content and may return to it later, buy the product, read the blog post, or book a call. I know I like to search for recipes or decor ideas and come back to them later. This is something to track and look back to see month to month. Some months may have more saves, some may have more clicks. Are they saving in a certain season and then clicking later on? These are things I love to dive into, the mysteries of Pinterest Analytics!!

This is also something you can create a strategy for, if you have pins people are repinning, create more content like it. Create new images to that post, change up the description, or even write a new post about more of that subject matter.


This is probs the most important number-considering your goals of Pinterest Marketing. If your goal is to drive traffic…this is the number you want to increase over time. The more clicks the more chances you have of making the sale, booking a call, getting a comment on a blog post, or getting a new email subscriber!!

You can totally harness that traffic. You got them there to read what you have to say. Offer them a freebie, a coupon code, a free discovery call, and get them on your email list. Using Pinterest in this manner to grow your business is a win-win. Offer valuable content reaching the reader’s pain points. Give them a freebie opt-in and warm them up on your email list with tips and consistent communication. People buy from those they trust and can relate to.

A simple way to look at this flow:

  • Sees your awesome pin and saves it to a board (to read later), or clicks on it to read more.
  • Sees that you offer a valuable freebie, signs up for your email list.
  • Deliver the freebie immediately and get them in your email sequence.
  • Offer weekly/biweekly/monthly tips and treats from your newsletter
  • They follow you on IG and FB, etc. Reach out to you for help when they need it.
  • Get them on a call (if you’re a service provider)
  • Offer a coupon code or first access to great products before they hit the market (product sellers)
  • Growing you business!!

This pattern needs to be repeated with every fresh pin you create. Not all pins will take off or drive traffic, but as a strategy you need to think of the final goal.


Now when looking at your Pinterest analytics page, there’s a lot of info on there, but these 3 main categories are what I look at, Impressions, Saves, and Clicks. If you wanted to filter by Click rate and Save rate, that is something to look at over time as well. Again, numbers fluctuate daily on the platform, but over time with a proper strategy to reach your Pinterest Marketing goals you have to look at the numbers. I have an awesome Tracker I use for my clients and would love to pass it on to you!!

The end of year totals are already formatted, and the saves and clicks rate are formatted for overall average as well. Just start plugging in your numbers, You don’t have to wait till 2020 to get started either. You can enter last month’s stats and move forward from there. Sign up below, and in exchange for your email address, I will send you MY Pinterest Analytics Tracker and hop on my VIP list so you can keep up to date with Pinterest Tips and News I as get them.

If you have questions about Pinterest or need a second set of eyes on your account? Let’s hop on a Complimentary Call and see how I can help in your Pinterest Marketing with Bloom’s Pinterest Services, or Pinterest Audit and Strategy Sessions.



How to Schedule Pins with Tailwind

How to Schedule Pins with Tailwind


Hey, Hey friends! As you know, (because I talk about it all the time) Pinterest is the place to be to if you are looking to market your business and increase traffic to your website or online shop! Some of you may be hesitant to start using Pinterest, due to time constraints. Maybe it seems all too overwhelming and confusing to use Pinterest and actually do it right to reach your goals.

I hear you, and I am here to help! It’s so funny that I tell my clients all the time, my own Pinterest account tends to suffer because I make sure my clients are taken care of first so they can reach their goals. “Hey, don’t look at my Pinterest account – my numbers are weak.” I know, as a Pinterest Strategist I need to take the time to stay consistent on the platform.

Here I am preaching that the 3 pillars of Pinterest are – Keywords, Images, and Consistency and I was completely failing when it came to my own account.

I am going to just swallow my pride and show you how easy it can be to just take 1 hour a week to schedule your Pins in a few different ways by using Tailwind, an API approved app for Pinterest scheduling.

I have been blocking my time over the past few months to grow my Pinterest account “Practicing what I preach”

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an app that lets you schedule several pins a day at the best times on auto-pilot. It is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer so you know your account is safe and secure and they are required to follow all the rules of Pinterest.

It is an easy tool to use with an extension you will add to your browser. The Tailwind extension is the fastest, easiest way to schedule your pins. When you sign up for a Tailwind account on the main scheduling page you will see a button at the top – I use Firefox, that button will guide you through installing the extension.

then you will see a blue logo in your toolbar like below:


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3 Ways to Schedule Pins through Tailwind

There are 3 different ways to schedule your Pins: using the extension, the hover button, and direct upload.

To use the extension, say you are on Pinterest and in your smart feed or following feed you want to share those pins to some of your boards, just click the blue logo button and then click to choose which images/pins you want to schedule. Your screen will do this:image of several pins from pinterest using the tailwind extension

I chose 3 pins and they are at the bottom left, then click go schedule, this will then populate the draft window:

3 pins in the draft window of tailwind

Here you can enter a PIN TITLE,  edit the description, Fill in which board or boards to schedule them too. If more than one board, you can interval those. I will show you that step later in this post.

Then hit that big green button and they will be put in your queue…easy peasy, right?

**side note, I do not usually schedule pins with no description, so I would just delete those 2 on the right. Sometimes the descriptions do not pull in when scheduling this way. No, biggie, just go back a choose a few more.


image of laptop with text overlay email marketingThe second way to schedule is with the hover button. Because you have the extension installed any image on the internet (from your blog or Instagram) can be scheduled directly to Tailwind. When you want to pin your latest blog post just hover over the image in the post and a gray schedule button will appear in the lower-left corner, click that again it will bring up the draft window, edit/add title, descriptions, hashtags (if you use them) and choose board/boards. Interval and click the green schedule button. Bingo, Bango, in the queue!!

As I said, you can do this on Instagram as well if you would like to pin some of your IG content. Click the image in your feed you would like to pin, hover, click the schedule button, go to draft…edit/add, choose boards, interval, and schedule.

We now have scheduled several pins at one time and in just a matter of a few minutes you have your queue full and Congrats you are being consistent on Pinterest, but let me show you how to use the direct upload on Tailwind to schedule several images at one time.


This is a great way to get all your pins that have the same URL to a blog post up at one time. When creating new content to Pin, I suggest you make 3-5 Images per blog post, that way you have fresh content for Pinterest to show to your audience instead of pinning the same image over and over again. (Let’s not be Spammy Pammy!!)


Direct Uploadcreate new pin on tailwind

On the main schedule screen at the top of your schedule queue, you will see the create a new pin. This will let you upload images/videos, or pin from Instagram (if you use Tailwind for your IG account and it is connected). For this let’s click upload images. Go to where your images are stored, choose multiple if you would like and click open. These images will populate on the drafts page. Here is where you need to be careful with editing.

Go through your steps…choose boards. The Title will auto-populate as Home- website, because Tailwind will default your URL to your home page. You will need to change the Title ( this is a new feature out this week on Tailwind). You will have to add your keyworded descriptions and hashtags.

Need keyword help, check out my Keyword Workbook for Pinterest



tailwind pin url


Next and the most important step…Change the URL to go to the post related to the image. If you do not change it your pin will lead to your home page!!


Here is where we can chat about Intervals. If you choose more than one board. There will be a button left to the add to queue button. Here you can choose how many days between that pin will go to the next board on the list in the draft. If you choose 4 boards, it will schedule the first board, then next, and so on.

I recommend spacing those pins out 2-3 days apart. There is a slider and you select how far apart you want the interval. Then set an interval, and the green button will say schedule. There it is!! If you look at your queue you will see those pins with a lock on the set times you requested.


I have a handy dandy Checklist to help you with going through these steps because I know this may be a bit much all at once. I love teaching others about what I know of Pinterest and the techy step by step stuff is what I love.


If you want to grab my Tailwind scheduling checklist, sign up below and in exchange for your email… I will send over the download to you pronto.

Tailwind Tribes

Speaking of that checklist, there is a section that talks about adding your Pin to Tribes. Let me chat briefly about what Tribes are. Tribes are like the group boards on Pinterest, they are niche specific and can really help you reach a bigger audience. I suggest you join some tribes that your content would be relevant in.

In the drafts when you are editing your pin there is an option to add to tribes, click and then choose which tribes to add that pin to, click share and poof out your pin goes to those Tribes.

Tailwind tribes are an awesome tool for my clients and we see great repins from utilizing those tribes. There are rules, like if you pin 1 then share 1, so make sure you follow the rules for those tribes as to be an awesome fellow pinner!!


  • We learned what Tailwind is.
  • How to schedule Pins 3 different ways
  • Learned how to Interval pins to multiple boards
  • Talked a little about Tailwind Tribes.

Can you tell I love using Tailwind? I know…long post, but I hope it helps you save time in your Pinterest marketing. Pinterest doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. With Tailwind you can spend about 30 min or so scheduling pins for the next several days and weeks, and it keeps you showing up for your audience.

You can get your first 100 pins for free with my Tailwind referral, and then it is just $15/ month which is a huge value when it comes to saving time and you are just not ready to have a Pinterest VA handle your account.

If you need assistance in creating your Tailwind account, a Pinterest Audit or Monthly Scheduling Services. Please contact me or check out our services page.


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