What numbers are important in Pinterest Analytics?

What numbers are important in Pinterest Analytics?

Let’s Talk Pinterest Analytics

what numbers are important on pinterest

There has been a lot of chatter in the Pinterest realm lately about “My numbers are dropping!! Help!!” I want to help you understand your numbers in Pinterest Analytics and which ones you really need to focus on, what they represent and guide you to create a strategy that works for your business.

First and foremost…I will say that not all businesses work the same on Pinterest. Some bloggers and creators have seasonal content and do better some months than others. Even evergreen content (ha, I didn’t even know that is what “anytime” content meant until I began my Pinterest Marketing business) can fluctuate depending on the time of year!

Usually, best practice for pinning content is to start pinning about 45 days before the season/event. But as of recently, it seems it gets earlier and earlier for those seasons.

You know what I mean, Christmas pins were starting in Sept!! We hadn’t even begun planning our Halloween costumes and here come the Holiday/Christmas/Black Friday pins.

I want to break this down for Seasonal and Evergreen content first, then we can dive into what the numbers mean.




This is the content that can be pinned all year round. Say you are a business or marketing coach…you don’t have a season, per se. You may get a bit of a spike in the new year, due to resolutions but overall these are topics that drive traffic most of the year.

You want to always be creating fresh content for Pinterest. Are you blogging consistently? If you are blogging once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month you CAN stay consistent in your pinning. Create multiple images to pin and spread those until your next product or post is ready to publish.

Pinterest does say that summer can be slower traffic times, due to vacations or just not being on their phones all the time.

Did you know that 90% of pinners use mobile to search for ideas? So create pins that can be seen on mobile clearly!

A great way to place your best evergreen content consistently is using the SmartLoop feature in Tailwind. This can help recirculate your best pins to several boards, group boards, and space them out so as not to be spammy. You can learn more about Tailwind (the only approved Pinterest scheduler I use and require for my clients) here and here.


Here is where as a creative business owner your numbers can go up and down drastically. There is the holiday season…Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, and all those special holidays at the end of the year. If you create Holiday content you want to start pinning in October. Same goes with wedding niche businesses, engagement season is about the same time. New Years’, Valentine’s day, and can be all year round as well.

If you write about DIY crafting for kids, summer may be a seasonal time for you. Start pinning those in April. Maybe back to school, spring crafts, winter crafts, start pinning 60 days before the event.

Travel has seasons as well. Pinners can start to plan vacations for summer or holiday travel up to 6 months in advance. They plan,

save pins, and may go back to them later. So in the off travel times of the year, your numbers are going to fluctuate.

Again this is a great way to use SmartLoop in Tailwind. You can set the dates when you want a Seasonal Loop to start and end.  I suggest reviewing those Pins in the loops and edit descriptions and hashtags to keep them fresh every year.



Recently numbers have changed on Pinterest, it is an ever-evolving platform and that “monthly viewers” number that I KNOW you are looking at has changed over the last year. So, why is it dropping…that particular number fluctuates daily. THIS IS A Vanity number..this goes up and down all the time. If you have a pin that is doing well it will increase. If someone repinned your pin and that one takes off your numbers go up. The second it stops…that number comes back down.

Please, please, please, stop worrying and stressing about this viewer number. Honestly, it’s similar to likes on IG, it can be a comparison number and really mess with your focus…I wish this number would go away. It would save you all some stress…am I right?!


One number I do look at for my clients in Pinterest Analytics are Impressions, which means that their pins are actually getting eyes on the Pin in the feed. If your pins are in a feed and someone scrolls past it counts as an impression and all those eyeballs on all your pins totals this number monthly. This also goes up and down. But If you are getting more impressions than clicks/saves we need to look at your images.

Are they attracting your ideal client? Do they give too much info away, so the viewer doesn’t even need to click thru to discover the content? What is that saying…don’t give the milk for free. Make them want to read more, draw them in.

Check out these posts for tips on images, Canva, and Image SEO.


IMPORTANT NUMBER!! This means a pinner saved your pin to one of their boards or group boards. This is when this can take off. In analytics, there is an option to filter to Your pins or Others Pins.

Your pins are the ones you pin to your boards. Other pins are those that have been

pinned to a board by someone else. Then this opens up this pin to be viewed in their feed and by their followers, and here’s hoping more repins and more impressions, views, and clicks.

Saves means your audience likes the content and may return to it later, buy the product, read the blog post, or book a call. I know I like to search for recipes or decor ideas and come back to them later. This is something to track and look back to see month to month. Some months may have more saves, some may have more clicks. Are they saving in a certain season and then clicking later on? These are things I love to dive into, the mysteries of Pinterest Analytics!!

This is also something you can create a strategy for, if you have pins people are repinning, create more content like it. Create new images to that post, change up the description, or even write a new post about more of that subject matter.


This is probs the most important number-considering your goals of Pinterest Marketing. If your goal is to drive traffic…this is the number you want to increase over time. The more clicks the more chances you have of making the sale, booking a call, getting a comment on a blog post, or getting a new email subscriber!!

You can totally harness that traffic. You got them there to read what you have to say. Offer them a freebie, a coupon code, a free discovery call, and get them on your email list. Using Pinterest in this manner to grow your business is a win-win. Offer valuable content reaching the reader’s pain points. Give them a freebie opt-in and warm them up on your email list with tips and consistent communication. People buy from those they trust and can relate to.

A simple way to look at this flow:

  • Sees your awesome pin and saves it to a board (to read later), or clicks on it to read more.
  • Sees that you offer a valuable freebie, signs up for your email list.
  • Deliver the freebie immediately and get them in your email sequence.
  • Offer weekly/biweekly/monthly tips and treats from your newsletter
  • They follow you on IG and FB, etc. Reach out to you for help when they need it.
  • Get them on a call (if you’re a service provider)
  • Offer a coupon code or first access to great products before they hit the market (product sellers)
  • Growing you business!!

This pattern needs to be repeated with every fresh pin you create. Not all pins will take off or drive traffic, but as a strategy you need to think of the final goal.


Now when looking at your Pinterest analytics page, there’s a lot of info on there, but these 3 main categories are what I look at, Impressions, Saves, and Clicks. If you wanted to filter by Click rate and Save rate, that is something to look at over time as well. Again, numbers fluctuate daily on the platform, but over time with a proper strategy to reach your Pinterest Marketing goals you have to look at the numbers. I have an awesome Tracker I use for my clients and would love to pass it on to you!!

The end of year totals are already formatted, and the saves and clicks rate are formatted for overall average as well. Just start plugging in your numbers, You don’t have to wait till 2020 to get started either. You can enter last month’s stats and move forward from there. Sign up below, and in exchange for your email address, I will send you MY Pinterest Analytics Tracker and hop on my VIP list so you can keep up to date with Pinterest Tips and News I as get them.

If you have questions about Pinterest or need a second set of eyes on your account? Let’s hop on a Complimentary Call and see how I can help in your Pinterest Marketing with Bloom’s Pinterest Services, or Pinterest Audit and Strategy Sessions.



How to Name your Pinterest Boards using Keywords

How to Name your Pinterest Boards using Keywords

Creating Pinterest Boards – Names and Ideas

Hey Hey Pinners!!

When creating your boards on Pinterest, whether a beginner or a seasoned Pinner, you want to utilize keywords to optimize your board names and descriptions for Pinterest SEO (so, your content will be seen, searched, pinned and clicked on)!! Having the right board names is crucial in ranking your pins higher on Pinterest. Get ready to dive in!!

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you.

Flatlay image of notebooks with text overlay how to set up your boards as a pinterest beginner.


When starting your Pinterest Business account you need to create about 10 – 15 boards. Don’t have a business accout?-Create one here

  • Your First Board needs to be where you place all your content and only your content. “Best of …”
  • Create up to 5 Boards with your Core Content
  • Then from those Core Content boards – Create niched down topics.

I always use weddings as an example, just because there are so many sub-topics to use! Alright, we have your Best of Dream Weddings for your blog content, then take it to Wedding Decor, Wedding Venues, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas and Inspiration, and Wedding Photography (if you talk about it on your blog it needs to be a main topic board).

Now, let’s niche those down, but first, we need to do a bit of keyword research.



Finding keywords on Pinterest is easy peasy by using the Search Bar at the top of the Platform.

Now, you want to think like your client…what would they be putting in that search bar to find. How would they word it?  Board names need to be a focused keyword. Like the example above type Weddings, then see what loads in that suggested menu before you hit enter. Those are good base keywords to name your boards depending on your niche.





Let’s select one of those suggestions, weddings colors > Enter > then all the pins with that keyword in them will pop up. There will also be a row of colored tiles and those tiles contain the most popular words searched on that topic. These tiles are keyword ideas to create your more niched down board titles.: fall wedding colors, Neutral wedding colors, Blue wedding colors, etc. These keywords in these tiles working them together creates what we call a “long-tail keyword”.






Rolling right along!! Are you with me? You are doing great!!

You have your board created. You have named it Fall Wedding Colors. Now you need to write what that board contains and again, think like your audience. Pinterest recommends a couple of sentences that describe the board. Fill it with those keywords and make sure it is readable and makes sense.


Example: “Having a Fall Wedding? This board is filled with fall wedding color inspiration from rustic to elegant color palettes in navy, burgundy, blue or green. Discover your favorite fall wedding color inspirations and ideas.”

See, easy peasy, I knew you could do it!!

New to Pinterest or need to refresh your existing Pinterest account?? Grab my E-Workbook and keyword your Pinterest Account the right way in just 1 day!!


When your board is created, actually after you name the board, Pinterest will give you a prompt to save some pins to your new board. Take a look at those a pin a few. You want to fill your boards, but do not over pin!! Pinterest can mark some activity as pinning too much too quickly as spam. You do not want to get put in Pinterest jail 🙂

Finding quality pins to add to your boards is important as well. Click on a pin you would like to add, go to the website and make sure it is what it says it is. For SEO purposes, it is good to pin from the website ( it helps out our blogging friends), but you can always repin from Pinterest. A good pin has a 1-2 sentence description and maybe a few hashtags.

Start adding in YOUR content to these new boards. Pin manually to Pinterest from your website, or you can use Tailwind, and Pinterest approved scheduling tools to do it for you. Pinterest favors fresh pins, and every pin that is scheduled from Tailwind is a “fresh pin”.

Want to check out what Tailwind can do for you? Grab a free month of Tailwind here.

You can pin your posts to more than one board- which will increase your reach. Make sure to pin to the MOST RELEVANT board first then space it out to the other boards over the next few days.

DO NOT pin the same URL to multiple boards all at once – this can get you flagged as spam 🙂 I like to use a 3-day interval between pinning to different boards.


Related Posts: Check out these posts for more Pinterest tips!!


I am hoping you have an understanding of creating, naming and describing your boards for Pinterest! As your Pinterest account grows and you are creating consistent content, you can create new boards to fit your niche and keep your audience engaged. When making new boards, remember these 4 simple steps!!

  • For those just starting you want 10-15 boards with 1 board created for your content only – Your Best of Board
  • Do your keyword research next to find your board names/titles.
  • Create other boards with the main topics you write about, remember you want to think about how your ideal client would search those terms
  • Create niche specific boards with long-tail keywords, the more relevant boards you can pin your content too the more your pins will be seen in the feed.
  • Write 1 – 2 sentences for your board descriptions using broad and long-tail keywords and make it readable and understandable.


Let me know in the comments below your questions about Pinterest boards!!

If you need help with Pinterest or just a second set of eyes on your account for a Pinterest Audit – check out our Services to see how Bloom can help your Pinterest grow while you are growing your business!!

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How to Edit a Pin Image on Pinterest

Have you seen Pinterest’s newest feature? Let me show you how to create a new pin and edit the image all in Pinterest desktop!

Hey there!! I am back again this week with a quick video for those that are struggling to create good images for Pinterest. Pinterest has a new feature, when you create a new Pin on the desktop only, you can add an image like before, but now you can edit that image and add to it with text and your logo!!

Check out this walkthru of the new feature:



This feature is super simple for those who want an easy way to make a Pin image. A great way for those just starting out on Pinterest and have no idea what Canva or Photoshop is, or have the time to learn.  This will be a perfect starting point. You can find wonderful stock images to use that are relevant to your posts on sites like Unsplash, Creative Market, Pexels.


I personally use Canva, but I know when I started creating Pins a few years ago, it can be intimidating to learn something new and make it look good enough to pin.


  • Multiple Basic Font Options
  • Graphics are clear
  • Already Pinterest optimized in size
  • Can add logo
  • Easy to use
  • 1:1 ratio for Video Pins


  • Limited to just one group of text
  • Cannot change the text to multiple colors
  • Cannot adjust transparency
  • Limited to where logo and text can be placed
  • Not for an advanced Pinner/Blogger

If you are looking to create Amazing Pins for Pinterest, check out how I use Canva to do that in this post.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you are a beginning blogger and have more questions about how to get started on Pinterest, grab my “Get Started on Pinterest Checklist” when you subscribe to my newsletter. It also includes a 5-day email series of setting up your Pinterest account to get you off on the right foot.



If you are finding you don’t have the time for Pinterest in your business, but know it is a key marketing tool,  Bloom Virtual Solutions can help. We will take you from Account Creation to Pin Design and monthly management with Strategy and statistic reports to help you reach your goals.

Check out our Services Services Page or Contact Contact us

IF YOU LOVE IT, PIN IT!!! .Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about the new image editing.

Image of Party Favors with Text Overlay new pinterest feature and logo


Who Stole My Pin?

Who Stole My Pin?

Hey!! I hope you are rocking it on Pinterest and if you made it to this post, sadly you have probably had a pin stolen/redirected to those oh so awesome spammy websites!! So, what’s a blogger to do? I want to know…WHO STOLE MY PIN?!



I am going to walk you through a few ways you can check if a pin or a pin image has been stolen or redirected. Just this week I was in checking some analytics on my Pinterest account and recently had a Pin go a bit viral (for me anyway). With being on the platform and in Pinterest circles for a while now I have read and seen bloggers get their pins stolen when popular pins take off.

These scammers see a pin driving traffic to your site and they want to redirect that to their site….shame, shame, shame. In my case, I just wanted to check to make sure. My viral pin was ok, so I checked other pins of mine too. When I was checking stats on this pin in particular-



I scrolled down and found this image Image of journal and pens with text overlay, "How to Keep Google and Pinterest Happy with Pin Descriptions"from the same post, below. I hovered over it and noticed it was linking to another website. Ugh… I guess I’ve made it on Pinterest – I have my first stolen pin.

Clicking on the pin brought up the full image, which was mine… and I clicked on the 3 gray dots on the upper area of the pin.

Now, before I take you into the next step. If you have a pin that is stolen. Copy the link of the stolen pin (trust me you will need this in a minute) and you will also need the URL of proof that it is your image/pin what have you.

I made the mistake of saving the pin to a secret board for later to report…but when I reported the pin all repins will be affected, so to just to be safe, copy the link, do not repin.




  1. Click the 3 gray dots, it will give you a drop down.
  2. Click Report Pin
  3. Click My Intellectual Property
  4. Check Infringes on your copyright,



Pinterest will now take you through the process of reporting a pin. Fill out the info and go to IDENTIFY YOUR WORK, choose what has been compromised. Then this is where you will enter the URL where your property can be seen on your website.

Then you need to identify the item you want to be removed. Enter the pin URL you saved, and check it against the one in the box.

Click Remove, click strike, the person may be a repeat offender and we want these scammers off Pinterest.

Sadly, there are scammers, bots, and software that will scrape data and images all day just to steal them. This is one simple thing we can do to help. Pinterest is cracking down on this as fast as they can, it is just part of playing online.




That funny square on the bottom of your pin image- click that to see similar images and if identical images pop up, hover over them to make sure they are going to your post, not some scammy website.







Pinterest, by the next morning, had confirmed my request and had the image and pin removed. Also, they did say if I want to report additional material go to their Copyright Page.

Now, back to why you shouldn’t pin to a secret board. I received a second email stating that a Pin I saved had been part of a DCMA request and will be removed. They sent the URL and the image that was removed. Funny that when I went to the SO-CALLED website, the server could not be found.

Pinterest also removed the secret pin a had too, but be careful, if you have several pins removed, you may be penalized and your account could get suspended. I am NOT saying this may happen, but I have heard of the coincidence.

So, Thank you Pinterest for being on top of the situation.

I really hope you do not have to deal with the stolen pin issue. There are so may scammers, bots and software out there that will steal images, and your ideas. If these persons could harness the intellect and talent it takes to do harm into using their talents for good, the internet would be a happier place.


If you have any questions about Pinterest, Pinterest Images or Management. Please reach out and see if Bloom Virtual Solutions can help you Grow your Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, shop, or landing pages.

Please leave a comment, and share it, and Pin it if you LOVE IT!!

desk flat lay with text overlay of how to report a stolen pin

How to Create Amazing Pins in Canva

How to Create Amazing Pins in Canva


Pinterest, not being a social media platform, but a visual search engine. It is so important to have images that are eye-catching and make the Pinner want to click through and read more about what that pin is about.

With over 62 Million People coming to Pinterest to search, plan, shop and purchase, you need to have Awesome Pins to draw in your audience. If you are just starting out sometimes it can be overwhelming to know exactly how to optimize those images. You want to follow a few simple steps to create the perfect pin and draw in your audience and increase traffic to your site. So, grab a pen, take some notes, even better Pin this for later to refer back too.

I will walk you step by step in a short video tutorial on how to create a Pin in Canva. But hey don’t scroll down yet!!! Let’s chat about some image basics first.

#1 Basic Image Tips

You want to have unique images. You know what I mean, when searching through Pinterest and the same stock photo pops up for several pins, but from different pinners. Stock photos are great but you want to think outside the box with them. I usually use Unsplash to find images, but I look for one that I can create more than one pin with. This is an example:

Full Image, from Stock Photo

Then when using it to create a pin I can crop it into 2 images to use for pins.



You want to have clear images, that’s why stock photos are so great. Cell phone pics may or may not be your best bet. You can take your own photos, say for a flat lay of some office supplies with a white background. Honestly, I don’t have the time for that. Another great site for images are sites like Creative Market. You can find awesome clear photos for just about anything and you can even find Pinterest Templates too. So,  all you have to do it edit the text and colors for branding.

They need to be eye catching. Ok, I know your saying, what does that really mean. Do some research on Pinterest, search what you feel your ideal client would be searching for and look at the pins that pop up. What catches your eye and makes you want to click? What do you scroll right past?  You can always create a secret board of pins you love and pin some inspiration.

The ratio size of the Pin is very important. Just this year Pinterest best practices state a 2:3 ratio, which is 600 x 900 Pixels. Canva has a template size 732×1102, which is the 2:3 ratio. I like the 600×900. I feel it just shows better on mobile and in the feed.

If your pins are not getting clicks, check your images. Are they clear? Are they unique? Are they too long, short? Are they easy to see on mobile? Most Pinterest searchers are on a mobile device so you want to make sure you know what that image will look like on your phone or tablet.

#2 Catchy Headlines

You want the reader to be drawn in and want to learn more what the pin is about. HOW TO’s  and #_ things to do or NOT do are High clicking types of headlines.

#3 Clear to Read Text

Most Pinterest viewers are on a mobile device, so I reccommend any text size over 36 will be readable depending on the font. If you are making an image, always double check how it looks on mobile before posting. Just send it to your phone or you can share in the Canva app.

#4 – On Brand Colors

Now, this can be debatable, because as my branding is super light and airy, it does not stand out and POP at you on Pinterest. What I do is, make pins similar in style and color so if one was to look at my pins they would have a cohesive look to them. You can create templates to use in Canva to save and switch out images and text to match your new blog posts.

#5 Add Your Logo

You want the reader to know who you are, and a logo in the corner, or your website address on the bottom center is a great way to make sure those pins are yours. Also, not to be the debbie downer, but Pins can be stolen…knock wood… and redirected to another url. Yes, images can be cropped as well. But this is a whole other subject, and hopefully not ever an issue.

#6 Add Your Freebie

If you have a small image of the freebie opt=in you are offering in your post, and you have space to place it on the image. DO IT!! That way the viewer can see what it is before they click and they will click over and grab it!!

Here is an example with the freebie attached.

pink image with computer and flowers with text overlay how to set up your business on pinterest.

Wrapping IT UP!!

Wow!! That seems like a lot of steps but really once you make a pin once or twice it is super easy breezy. Here is a helpful video I made to see how easy it is. I show you how to create a pin from start to finish in Canva. Have a look and I hope this helps you visualize how simple and fun it can be!!




Now go try it for yourself. To help you with a few key things for optimizing those images for Pinterest make sure to check out this post with the Checklist for Images for Pinterest

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image of flower and glasses with test overlay how to create amazing pins using canva

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The 1 Thing You Need To Do For Your Online Business – Today!!

The 1 Thing You Need To Do For Your Online Business – Today!!

Hey there digital business owner, virtual assistant or online entrepreneur. Technology is wonderful and as a business owner we use so many digital platforms everyday. I am here to tell you the 1 thing you need to do in your business today regarding those platforms and the tools to accomplish it!



I have had the unfortunate pleasure of totally freaking out, when my computer took a complete crash recently. I am not sure if it was a virus or not (Facebook can give you pop up scams all the time-be careful, that always seems to be what I am logged into when weird things start happening). I have learned a hard lesson about making sure you always back up your files.

I started my morning as usual, but when I logged into my computer I noticed my sound driver was missing and I had no sound on my laptop at all. So, I did some Googling, which is my specialty, and realized that can happen after an update. I tried all the things they said to do, still nothing. My hubs is in IT, so I had him take a look, and we realized that we needed to do a complete restore!!!!!

WHAT!! OK, freak out #1, I’m going to lose all my docs and graphics if we do that. How am I going to work? My lifeline to my business is on this thing! OMG, this laptop isn’t even a year old!



First, I needed to take a walk…LOL. Once the fog cleared, I realized that my important items are all in Google Drive. This is THE best tool for online entrepreneurs, it’s free, and in the cloud for unlimited storage. I use Google Drive everyday. I have all my client documents saved to folders in my G-Drive that have been shared with me. I also keep spreadsheets, photos, and all my systems/processes in there. I proceeded to move any other important docs (downloads-word docs) to Google Drive so they wouldn’t be lost.


Tool #2 – Canva

Canva is an app/website that I create my Pin graphics, social media graphics, and even pdf’s/documents. All you need is an account and all your designs are stored with Canva. You can share designs and templates, upload directly to Pinterest, or even download finished graphics to your computer. There is a free version, but I use the Canva for Work due to my needs for creating and resizing images. The images I use to create these graphics were stored on my computer, so I had to move all the ones I wanted to save I moved to another awesome tool.


Tool #3 – Dropbox

This here is a lifesaver. Again another storage solution in the cloud, and you can share files and accept files from clients up to a certain storage capacity before you have to pay. I have my Dropbox organized into Folders for each client and store their images in these shared folders, so they have access to them as well.


After making sure my data and images were safe, we went ahead and proceeded to restore…and THEN IT WOULDN’T RESTART!!

We received the spinning wheel of death! Now, I am one to kinda overreact to things and I really started to panic, I knew my important items could be restored because they were in the cloud, but I freaked out because I am thinking OMG, did I do this? Did I open something I shouldn’t have? I am in and out of websites all day long, who the heck knows what I have done?! Needless to say, I did not work that evening and my sweet husband stayed up till 2 am trying to bring it back to life. Thankfully he worked his IT magic and it did finally come back up, we still didn’t have a sound driver, but hey I don’t need sound.

PS – we did install a new driver, the original just disappeared who knows!!

Now the long road ahead of reinstalling all my apps, extensions, and tools, and all the passwords. Oh My, how many passwords you need as a virtual assistant. Thank goodness for …


Tool #4 – LASTPASS

My saving grace!! LastPass is an extension you can add-on to your browser that acts like a vault to store all your logins safely. It can generate safe passwords, store digital records, and can share sensitive information safely. Because you should never text or email a password.  First and foremost, I needed to have that reinstalled to even begin to start working again. Once I logged in, I was back in action.

I would say if you work in the online space, LastPass is a must, they offer a free plan, and I know you will never forget another login. Again cloud storage, sharing capabilities, and security!!



So, moving forward, God willing we do not have another crash, I am a Cloud girl. I will be honest in the 9-5 world I used Word, Excel, etc. and there is a place for those systems, but due to the hackers and scammers out there in the internet abyss, YOU NEED TO BACK IT UP TO THE CLOUD!!

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Take your pick. If you are not using a cloud system, why not? GO NOW, MOVE ALL YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND IMAGES!!!

I don’t want anyone to have to experience what I went thru, back up your stuff peeps…..and marrying the IT guy helps too!


Hi, I’m Amy and I manage Pinterest for Creative Business Owners. I would love to work with you or if you ever have any questions about Pinterest shoot me an email, or you can check out our Services.

Make sure to grab our GET STARTED ON PINTEREST checklist, to start your Pinterest Profile off on the right foot!!